The Estate

The Location

The Grammenos Estate is 35 km from the airport of Thessaloniki, in the region of Agios Prodromos in Chalkidiki, 100 meters from the main road of Thessaloniki-Polygyros. It is situated upon a lush hill of 550 meters high and it is 20 km from the sea side.
The picturesque location of Agios Prodromos, with the Olynthio River which flows through the village, the traditional houses and the 1851 restored Church of Virgin Maryt’s sleep [?] along with the famous monastery of Saint Anastasia which is located within a short distance are excellent choices to organize rituals and celebrating events in the Grammenos Estate, which will create a truly memorable experience.

The Estate

The area of the estate is itself an earthly paradise. The ground area is embossed with rich vegetation similar to Tuscany, while the gardens layouts in harmony with the stone and the swimming pool create a unique atmosphere.
The Estate area is adjacent to a protected zone of high natural beauty. Rainwater collection creates a gorgeous craftsman lake, while aromatic herbal plantings, trees and flowers, create a unique natural environment.
The macadam, pathways that cross the whole plot area helps you to easily wander along the area, so that anyone can enjoy the unique scenery and its exquisite views, which become idyllic during the sunset. At night the whole space is ideally illuminated, creating a scenery of unparalleled beauty.

In the space area of the estate there are

4 Age-old Oaks
300 Ligoystra
100 Lemon Cypress
400 Cranes
50 Lavender Roots
50 Rosemary Roots
50 Lebantines Roots
350 Leilants
50 Cypresses
100 Fir Trees
60 Vineyards Roots of 3 varieties
10 Arizones
50 Giouniterous
80 Roses
4 Lebanese Cedars
5 Quince Trees
5 Lotuses
3 Fig Trees
4 Almond Trees
1 Sour Cherry Tree
1 Cherry Tree
4 Walnut Trees
and hundreds of aromatic herbs.